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Do you suffer from the ©AWS?

The night before her death, Amy Winehouse watched one of her concert videos and all of a sudden she looked at her bodyguard (in the meantime it was the only person she felt "secure" with) and said: "Oh...I can sing?" With other words, she doubted her talent, even if objectively the whole world was of the opinion that she had one of the most important and expressive voices of the last century!

This made me think the following: If she doubted her talent.....what about me? What is it in which I did not believe, even if the world around me expresses the opposite? Example: When I was 20 years old I worked as a model for about 3 years and always when I looked at the beautiful fotos the fotographer had made from me, it was as if I looked at another person, I did not feel myself to be beautiful even if the fotos showed the contrary. And this is what I mean with the Amy Winehouse Syndrome (©AWS): your perception about yourself does not coincide with the (objective) perception of the people around you, even if we know that t h e y are right!

I am convinced that you suffer at least from one ©AWS, let's share your experiences and doubts!

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