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I have always had a personal attraction towards psychology, even before my Law degree at the University of Zurich and the bar exam in Lugano.In addition to specific trainings in Reiki and Graphology I have followed various courses and seminars in group dynamics and traditional psychology. As a corporate consultant in Zurich, I have been able to apply the relating know-how developing a field of expertise in the realm of management deficiencies.


Later I practiced in Lugano and Zurich as legal consultant with my own law firm in the area of the financial sector.


My interest for Chirology and scientific handanalysis was sparked - after having fulfilled my mother and family duties - in particular by the fact that human fingerprints are final from the 16th week of fetal life onwards and  remain the same until death. Such scientific evidence has allowed me to develop a new perspective on the origin and cause of behavioural patterns as well as the potential personal and educational interventions in both the private and public context.


The consulting program spreads from the analysis, development and realization of the personal skills to the emotional emancipation of children, teenagers and adults in the context of family life and education, as well as from the choice of the most adequate choice of profession and partners.

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