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© by M. Deuchars -

© by M. Deuchars -

  • Is the most personal, individual and consistent source code of your personality profile


  • Allows to understand which issues accompany us from the 16th week of pregnancy until death


  • Shows the possible development and direction of our potentials and opportunities for a change of life


  • Helps parents/teachers to better understand the children and vice-versa


  • Is in terms of time, money, quality and quantity the most efficient method for a personality profile


  • Shows the given talents and strength as well as the hurdles and weaknesses of our personality


  • Is of such importance that Japanese surgeons try to influence operatively the course of the lines


  • Allows a better understanding not only of the behaviour of yourself but also of your children, parents, bosses and partners


  • Shows the short and long term tendencies and trends of your character


  • Helps educators, human resource managers, head hunters and therapists of all kind to reach at the bottom of the problems of their clients


  • Opens the gate to the sub-consciousness in less than15 minutes


  • Offers more than 100 informations about your personality in less than an hour



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